The leading investment sector in 2017. 45% of private investments. 

Five completed and eight ongoing international hydro power plant projects. 

Ajara is a region with approximately 1,000 MW of annual potential capacity.


Hydro resources are the most significant natural wealth of Ajara. Hydro power potential of the region is quite strong and within-year inflow distribution of rivers is very diverse (single peaked, double peaked, and with almost equal hydrographs). The index of Ajara exceeds 244 kilowatts per hour. In terms of power engineering, rivers Tchorokhi, Acharistskali, Chirukhistskali, and Kintrishi are very strong. The most abundant river among them is Chorokhi.
There are 5 hydro power plants in Ajara operating under the license of the Georgian National Commission on Energy Regulation. Their overall capacity is 22.2 thousand kilowatts/hour and annual energy generation is 28.5 million kilowatts/hour which is only 0.8% of the whole potential of Georgia.


According to experts’ calculations, the potential annual capacity of Ajara is 1000 megawatts, which generates 8760 million kilowatts/hour. During the last 20 years, 50-92 million kilowatts/hour was generated annually, which is only 1% of its potential.
In case above mentioned hydro power plants are built, additional 243.9 megawatts will become available and electric power of 1424.8 megawatts will be generated annually. According to expert calculations, 487.8 million USD investments are needed for these purposes.