More than 80% of visitors return to Ajara. 

Georgia’s number one tourism destination. 

Ajara offers various tourism options for all enjoyment: adventure, natural beauty, ancestral history, culture, and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Ajara has undergone serious changes and reforms that led to the significant improvement of its worldwide image and investment climate. The hospitality market in Ajara is developing at a fast pace as increased inflow of foreign visitors, businessmen and delegations attracts well-known international hotel chains. 


Tourism in Ajara has developed dynamically over recent years and as a cross-sectional industry is one of the region’s economic growth drivers. Ajara has proved to be a highly desirable location for the hospitality. The hospitality market in Ajara is developing fast as the increased inflow of international visitors, business persons and missions attracts well-known international hotel chains. Ajara is most popular travel destination with more than 2.1 million visitors per year after Tbilisi. Batumi is famous for its fusion of historical and modern architecture, high-rise landmark buildings, sandy and stony beaches and admirable landscapes.

  • Tourism is one of the priority sectors in Ajara with its high potential in the economy 
  • Diverse nature offering wide varieties of tourism activities all year round
  • Rapidly developing hospitality infrastructure
  • International hotel brands represented in Ajara
  • Intensive promotion of the region as all-year round tourist destination
  • No license for operating a company in the tourism sector
  • No license fee for opening casinos in hotels with more than 100 rooms
  • No VAT on the revenue received from incoming tourists