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Gonio, Ajara - A Mixed Resort Development Opportunity on 315 Ha Land Plot at the Black Sea Coast

Gonio is one of the oldest inhabited areas of Georgia. Gonio is a popular historic, touristic and commercial seaside destination on the southeastern coast of the Black Sea, just 10 km away from Batumi. The first settlements in Gonio appeared in VIII-VII B.C. Old Gonio territory is famous with its historical architecture, the Gonio fortress, stony beaches and admirable landscapes.

The land plot under the cadastral code ( with total area of 48 Ha is located in the above-mentioned Settlement. The land plot offers excellent opportunity to develop a resort with premium class villas, hotels, residential apartments, sports stadiums, yacht club and recreational zones. The Development plan of the above-mentioned resort will be prepared this year.  The project’s approximate implementation period: 5-7 years. 


In addition to already developed Gonio resort, there is an untouched 315 ha land on Black Sea coast available for further development. According to the new development plan, Gonio Resort will be a new sea-side destination next to popular sea resort Batumi. It will offer a new level of resort lifestyle currently not  available in Georgia. Gonio will be an international standard leisure-led mixed-use destination. Gonio feasibility study and development plan was prepared by Colliers International in association with HOK.



  • 25.6 Ha area lake in the middle of the territory - the lake will accumulate sediments and increase price for living cluster around
  • Recreational zone and bird watching territory between river Chorokhi and lake (30% of the total area) will be left untouched, in natural surroundings with tracks and park
  • Open & close water park
  • 5.6 ha Crystal lagoon 
  • Beach hotels and apart-hotels 
  • Casino
  • Leisure and sport activities area 
  • Sea side boulevard
  • Gonio fortress
  • Residential area