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What We Offer:

  • Project proposal for development of existing industrial zone
  • 92 hectares of selected area to lease for the project development 
  • Project documents of infrastructure development works (roads, water supply and wastewater, gas , electricity etc.) for free
  • Project can be implemented in four stages


  • Favorable location of  industrial zone is a guarantee of its competitiveness
  • Industrial zone is 7 km away from Batumi sea port, 500m from airport, 10km from Sarphi customs check-point, 4 and 7 km from railway. The area is boarded by Batumi customs clearance zone
  • Nowadays, more than 90 enterprises operate in the existing industrial zone; among them are factories producing cement, building and inert materials, asphalt, sand and gravel, plastics, gypsum and cardboard. Also, processing plants of wheat, fish and coffee exist within the zone. 
  • It’s important to notice that the main bypass road of Ajara will pass through the area selected for the development of industrial zone.

Overview of the Zone Development Project

  • 91.8 hectares are allocated for planning within the zone, from which 21.6 hectares are purposed for engineering services.
  • According to the project 70.2 hectares will be divided as follows:
    • Investment land plots- 67,5 ha
    • Public center- 0,78 ha
    • Electrical substation- 0,62 ha
    • Recreation zone- 1,1ha
    • Green zone- 0,3 ha
    • Green zone- 0,2 ha
  • Land plot areas and outlines can be changed according to the required investment proposals