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The main goal of the project is development of modern, efficient and competitive resort clusters in Highland Ajara. They will serve as four-season destinations.

Goderdzi Pass is a welcoming, lively, romantic, and fun destination offering the best visitor experience in the regional market. Pristine forested mountains create a fantastic setting in winter, summer and simply turns into a breathtaking scenery by the autumn colors. 21 hotels are under construction at the moment. 



  • Located within two hour’s drive (100 km) from Batumi
  • Maximum elevation at 2 500 m above sea level, open for all four seasons
  • Snow-covered from November to April
  • 633 ha available for tourism infrastructure development 
  • Approximately 150 ha of skiable terrain 
  • Maximum capacity: 7 000 skiers
  • The best places for beginner and intermediate skiers
  • The wilderness gives visitors unique experiences, fresh-air and magnificent scenery
  • Majestic landscapes offer diverse summer tourism such as trekking, horse riding and birdwatching
  • Sustainable and well-integrated within the natural environment
  • Master plan is designed by an international company, HOK Planning Group (Austria). The plan aims to further boost potential of the site as a year round  resort

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