What We Offer:

  • Project proposal for development of existing industrial zone
  • 92 hectares of selected area to lease for the project development 
  • Project documents of infrastructure development works (roads, water supply and wastewater, gas , electricity etc.) for free
  • Project can be implemented in four stages

Proposed Zone Location Map


  • Favorable location of  industrial zone is a guarantee of its competitiveness
  • Industrial zone is 7 km away from Batumi sea port, 500m from airport, 10km from Sarphi customs check-point, 4 and 7 km from railway. The area is boarded by Batumi customs clearance zone
  • Nowadays, more than 90 enterprises operate in the existing industrial zone; among them are factories producing cement, building and inert materials, asphalt, sand and gravel, plastics, gypsum and cardboard. Also, processing plants of wheat, fish and coffee exist within the zone. 
  • It’s important to notice that the main bypass road of Ajara will pass through the area selected for the development of industrial zone.

Scheme of Transport Nodes 

Overview of the Zone Development Project

  • 91.8 hectares are allocated for planning within the zone, from which 21.6 hectares are purposed for engineering services.
  • According to the project 70.2 hectares will be divided as follows:
    • Investment land plots- 67,5 ha
    • Public center- 0,78 ha
    • Electrical substation- 0,62 ha
    • Recreation zone- 1,1ha
    • Green zone- 0,3 ha
    • Green zone- 0,2 ha
  • Land plot areas and outlines can be changed according to the required investment proposals

Terms for land leasing: 1/8 of estimated market price (estimated by private audit hired by the Ministry) will be initial rental value

Capacity and Necessary Infrastructure of the Zone

  • Industrial zone must have administration, which will be responsible for the maintenance and supervision of existing infrastructure. It is desirable to impose monthly fees to cover administration expenses and infrastructure maintenance cost.
  • As the location of industrial zone gives opportunity to arrange TIR Park, it is important to develop relevant infrastructure, such as: Motels, Catering, Super markets, Petrol station/Vehicle maintenance center, etc.
  • Khelvachauri Industrial Zone must be multisectoral, oriented on creation of companies producing import replacement and export products.

Contributing Factors of Khelvachauri Industrial Zone Development 

  • Accessible labor market
  • Profitable location of industrial zone
  • Accessibility of  transport, logistic services and energy resources
  • Attractive tax regime and investment environment in the country

Territories for parking, warehouse and cold storage must be arranged within the industrial zone in order  to use  its full capacity , also it’s reasonable to arrange TIR park as customs clearance zone and Sarphi customs check- point are located nearby.


Project Cost and Stages

      Project can be implemented in four stages:

  • I Stage - 17,5 m Gel;
  • II Stage - 6,5 m Gel;
  • III Stage - 5,9 m Gel;
  • IV Stage - 3,7 m Gel.
Total cost of the project implementation amounts to 33.3 million Gel in order to increase investment potential of unused lands.