The main principles of issuance of construction permit and setting permit conditions are transparency and ‘one-stop-shop’.
Buildings and construction works for the purposes of issuing construction permit and start operating are divided into 5 different classes:

  • I Class - buildings that do not require construction permit
  • II Class - buildings with low risk level
  • III Class - buildings with moderate risk level
  • IV Class - buildings with high risk level
  • V Class - buildings with superfluous risk level (buildings with special importance).

Categorizing buildings according to classes is undertaken by parameters of buildings to be constructed and dismantled.

Construction permit is issued through three stages:


In case other administrative authority is not involved in the procedures of issuing construction permit, construction permit can be issued in one stage incorporating all three stages.

Main requirements for permit seeker to construct building on a land plot are the following:

  • Land Plot Development Coefficient (K1)
  • Land Plot Development Intensity Coefficient (K2)
  • Land Plot Greenery Planting Coefficient (K3)
  • Functional Conditions of Buildings
  • Number of Floors and Dimensions of Buildings
  • Arrangement of Construction Site in Case Public Space/Territory is Used

Batumi city has approved general plan of land use, which states above given main requirements in accordance with zones.
Construction unit starts operating after ascertainment of correspondence of completed construction with issued construction permit conditions and based on presenting certain documentation.

Decision on whether II and III class buildings can start operating is made in 15 days after application is presented. As for IV and V class buildings and parts of buildings – decision is made in 30 days.


License seeker with the purpose of license receipt, presents the following documentation to the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Ajara A.R.

  1. Application which should indicate type, amount, location of resource to be extracted and the license validity period
  2. Extraction from public registry for legal entities and entrepreneurs, and copies of identification documents for physical persons
  3. If the territory, indicated in the application, is under private ownership, additionally certificate of ownership and consent of the owner should be presented
  4. Topographical map which shall indicate area of license unit and location coordinated
  • After the documentation is presented, the Ministry addresses the National Environmental Agency with the purpose of preparing geo-informational package, which necessitates approximately one month period
  • After the geo-informational package is received from the National Environmental Agency, the Ministry sends presented documentation to the Administration of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Ajara A/R for coordination purposes
  • After the consent (positive conclusion) is received from the Administration of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Ajara A/R, the Ministry secures announcement of an auction
  • Auction is held within 30 days after announcement
  • The Ministry holds auction on main construction materials (sand-gravel and quarry) and underground fresh water. As for fishing and timbering licenses, the National Environmental Agency issues the license


There ARE 4 TYPES OF Certificate of the product Origin:

  • Preferential Certificate of Origin (Form A)
  • Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin
  • Preferential Certificate of Origin (CT-1)
  • Preferential Certificate of Origin (EUR.1)